Since 1989 Jim’s Mowing has been helping people achieve their personal “best life” goals. Are you dreaming of financial freedom? Having more time for family, friends or hobbies? Tired of being stuck behind a desk in a drab cubicle? Can’t spend another day working for a boss?

Jim’s has helped over 3,800 Franchisees turn their dreams into reality with the systems and support of the largest home services franchise system in the world. All you need is a strong work ethic,  positivity and enthusiasm, and we’ll give you everything you need to make your dreams for the future reality.

How much can I Earn?
How much can I Earn?

Franchisees earn $150k to $500k annually.

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Steps to Success
Steps to Success

How do I get there from here?

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The Best Systems and Support in Franchising

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See what our Franchisees are Saying

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The Jim’s Lifestyle
The Jim’s Lifestyle

You choose your prices, schedule and jobs.

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Is a Jim's Mowing Franchise

Right For You?

Is a JIm’s Mowing Franchise right for you? 

All our Jims share many attributes in common. They love people, the outdoors, healthy living and a passion for customer service.t If you’re optimistic, looking to live your best life, and ready to take control of your future then this might be the best next step for you.

How can you be sure though? Book a ride along with us!

Think you might want a Franchise?


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Franchises Worldwide
Franchises in BC and Growing!
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Becoming a Jim is Fast and Easy

  • 1. Learn All You Can
    This is your first step on your journey towards your best life. Is this the right opportunity for you? Review this website and request an Information package from our office. Start learning all you can!
  • 2. Schedule Intro a Call
    Have your questions ready and schedule an introduction call. The more you research, the more questions you have? That’s what we were hoping was going to happen; so let’s get your questions answered!
  • 3. Book a Ride Along
    So now you’re book smart, let’s get street smart! It’s all been theory until now, book yourself a ride-along and spend the day with a Jim and get your hands dirty, ask questions, talk to customers, and get a real feel for the business. We think you’re really going to love it…just as much as we do!
  • 4. Debrief with your Franchisor
    How did your day go? Do you see yourself enjoying your new life as a Jim? Are you excited at the prospect of finally owning your own business?
  • 5. Request a Disclosure Package
    If you’re ready to proceed with your franchise purchase, you’ll receive a full disclosure package including your territory, your fees, the training manual and everything else you will need to make an informed decision. Your 14-Day cooling off period begins now.
  • 6. Due Diligence and 14- Day cooling off period
    In your franchise package, you will receive the phone numbers to all our franchisees past and present, call one or all. Have your lawyer and accountant review your disclosure package. After your 14-day Cooling-off period is done, book your training in Australia and upon your return, you’ll be ready to sign your contract and go!


Trailers In BC and Counting.

The more franchisees we have, the more business we get.

Contact Info

Our customer service team are available weekdays 8AM to 5PM (PST)


216 – 7198 Vantage Way
Delta, BC  V4G 1K7

Working Hours

Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 5 PM (PST)