Introduction: The virtual ride-along!

Welcome to JimsMowingFranchise.com. This series of videos answers most of the questions we get on a ride along.

Why Jim’s Mowing?

  • Plentiful work and lead generation
  • Tried and true turn-key business
  • Strong support network (Franchisor and Franchisees)
  • Computerized systems to schedule, invoice and manage expenses
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Preferred supplier deals
  • Build Equity in your business. Franchises have sold for over $75,000

How much can I make?

Jim’s Mowing Franchisees in Canada earn between $150,000 and $500,000 per year in gross revenue. We have more than enough business for double the Franchisees we have now.  In 2018 we turned away almost half of our customers (over 1,400 customers) because we didn’t have enough Franchisees to service demand. New Franchisees can take as much work as they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. As long as our customers are well serviced, you can build the business of your dreams.

How much do I need to start?

The initial franchise cost is $25,000. Training is included, but you will need to budget approximately $3,500 for travel expenses for flights, meals and accommodation at our 25-acre training campus complete with hotel and conference centre in Australia. Our base model aluminum Jim’s Mowing trailer is $9,895 and our base equipment package is $5,800.00. Both the trailer and equipment can be leased from our leasing partners.

How much are the monthly franchise fees?

$675 a month franchise fee (Fixed – Not a percentage of revenue) – Net of $90 compliance discount.

$150 advertising fund. Everyone pays into this fund every month so we can advertise the brand collectively and bring in new business. In 2018 we brought in over 3,000 new customers in BC (and we had to turn away 1,400 of them because we didn’t have enough franchisees to service them).

$14.00 per lead. When you need new customers, we will send you new leads for $14.00 each. The first 50 leads for all new franchisees are free.

What percentage do you charge?

Why are fixed franchisees so important?

One of the greatest advantages of a Jim’s Mowing Franchise is the fixed franchise fee. We never charge a percentage of revenue. Not only does this mean you get to keep more of the money you make, but it also delivers the greatest benefits of the Jim’s Mowing Franchise System: The relationship between Franchisee and Franchisor. Because we don’t charge a percentage of revenue, we never push you to work any more than you want to. Looking to build a small business to help cover your retirement income? We’ll help you do that. Looking to build a multi-unit million-dollar business? We can help you do that too!

Will I get enough work?

How do you generate business for your franchisees?

How does the advertising fund work?

I don't have any previous experience, does that matter?

What training and ongoing support will I receive?

Quoting 101: How will I know how much to charge?

Quoting is one of the most difficult skills to master in the trades. It takes most tradespeople several years to learn how to quote effectively, but our coaches at JIm’s Mowing have broken down the process into simple steps that are easy to learn, so we’ll have you quoting like a pro in no time. In addition, you’ll have over 40 franchisees to reach out to with help on your quotes by posting to our closed social media groups. We’re all in this together.

Why is training in Australia?

Most people don’t know this but we are part of the Jim’s Group based out of Melbourne, Australia. We have over 3,800 Franchisees in over 50 Divisions across 3 Continents we are the largest home services provider in the world. Some of our brands include Jim’s Cleaning, Jim’s Plumbing, Jim’s Dog Wash and Jim’s Building Inspections. Jim’s Mowing Mainland BC is extremely proud to be part of the Jim’s family.

How much flexibility will I have running my business?

What will I do in the winter?

Are there franchise fees in the winter?

How young is too young, how old is too old?

What is the most important thing I should do?

Why Shouldn't I just start my own landscaping business?

What's a "split"?

As you grow your business, many Franchisees find they have more clients than they can handle. When this occurs the Jim’s system encourages Franchisees to sell a portion of the client base, known as a ‘split’, which delivers a nice cash injection for the Franchisee. Splits in CAnada have sold for as much as $45,000. Businesses have sold for over $75,000.

Is there really a Jim?

Powerful Demographics: The future is very bright!

Every year more and more homeowners are willing to pay for professional lawn care, especially our two core demographics: aging Baby Boomers who wish to stay in their homes into old age, and double earner families with children who don’t have the will or time for household chores. As a Jim’s Mowing franchisee, you’ll get the brand recognition, systems and support you’ll need to take advantage of these two very fast growing demographics.

Maintenance: The definition of recurring revenue!

Lawns, trees and shrubs never stop growing, and leaves never stop falling. With a maintenance-based business you’ll have the absolute peace of mind knowing that you can count on the vast majority of your customers coming back year after year. Repeat customers bring in recurring revenue which allows you to focus on growth rather than repeat sales. With Jim’s Mowing, you’ll always be building on a growing base of repeat customers, creating equity and expanding your business.

Live your best life: Choose your own jobs!

Hate going up ladders? Don’t. Love planting flowers and tending garden Beds? Do more of that. Like building fences and decks, hardscaping, excavating? You get the idea…more of what you love, none of what you don’t. Jim’s Mowing Franchisees have full autonomy to do only the jobs they enjoy. You’re the boss, do what you enjoy.

Live your best life: Set your own prices!

At Jim’s Mowing we believe in fair pricing for outstanding work and great service. Our Franchisees are always expected to price fairly, but because of our ongoing training, insurance and WCB costs, and because we always pay our employees fair living wages, we are not usually the lowest-cost provider. Our goal is to always provide the best value to our customers, not the lowest prices. Our customers know they are getting the best value for their money, and that’s why we have serviced over 50,000 customers in the past 22 years in BC alone.

Live your best life: set your own schedule!

Are you looking for the flexibility to pick your children up after school? Or having the time to take them to sports? Would you only like to work 3-4 days a week to supplement your income or retirement? Single moms or dads with shared custody can work less hours when they have their children and more hours when they don’t. Too young at heart to “retire” and sit at home bored. Love gardening to relax? Use your Jim’s Franchise to fill your day with pleasant work that relaxes you.

Live your best life: Stay fit!

Jim’s Mowing Franchisees are healthy and fit. Our new Franchisees usually need two sets of uniforms, one set when they start, and one set a few months later. We like to call this the “Jim’s Diet”, even though there’s no diet.

Live your best life: More time!

What’s the old saying? Those with time don’t have money, and those with money don’t have time. Well, with a Jim’s Mowing Franchise that’s a thing of the past. All our Franchisees make over 6-figure incomes in 10 months of the year. Plenty of time for family, even if it’s month-long family vacations with the whole brood.

Live your best life: What’s it like being a Jim?

Jim’s Mowing Franchisees purchase their territories and operate their businesses within minutes of their homes. No traffic, no bridges, no stress. Franchisees start their days, and end their days, when they like. And they spend time in between doing all the jobs they love, and none of the jobs they don’t.

What about the weather?

We work our schedules around the weather, and we almost never work in the heavy rain because it slows us down too much and that affects profitability. What about the winter? The 2 worse months of the year, January and February, we’re off, and we love it!  Why? because we made way more than enough money to support our winter months off. Don’t like sitting around or the winter heat in Mexico? (are you kidding!?) Well, ok then, take on ice and snow contracts and supplement your income even more.

Worried about running your own business? Don’t be. With over 30 years of experience and 3,600 Franchisees we have the training curriculum, systems and support to make you successful.

Powerful support: Our Coaches

The BC Region is supported by a dedicated team of professionals who will guide and coach you through the maze of paperwork and all the pitfalls of starting your own business. Our dedicated team have all run very successful franchises in BC and they are here to help provide the guidance and support that will be critical for your success. A good business coach charges between $200 and $500 per hour. How much does this cost? Nothing more than what is already included in our $700 fixed monthly franchise fee.

Powerful support: Our Franchisees

Our Franchisees are always eager to help sell and support new Franchisees because they understand that our trailers act like television or radio commercials. The more commercials (trailers) the better! Repetition is the key to advertising. It’s simple, people always think of Jim’s Mowing first because they see so many of our trailers so very often. Every trailer is a constant reminder that their neighbours trust our Franchisees for all their landscaping and maintenance needs. If one trailer generates 10 leads a month then 2 trailers generate 12 or 13…each! More trailers, more visibility, more calls, more work! We have over 60 trailers zig-zagging across the Lower Mainland, and we are always looking for more. We’ve turned away over 1,400 customers in 2018 because we didn’t have enough Franchisees. There’s plenty of work for everyone!

Powerful support: Closed social media groups

All our Franchisees share ideas, best practices, new information, advice and help quoting on our closed social media platforms. We are all always striving to learn more, do better and to help our fellow Jim along the way.

Powerful support: Monthly meetings

At our monthly meetings you will learn on an ongoing basis about new opportunities, best practices, and the best suppliers (with the best products at the best prices).  We have enormous buying power, and we use it to benefit our Franchisees. You will also discover cutting edge opportunities in the landscaping industry. Meetings are also great opportunities to share ideas with other franchisees who are just as eager to be successful as you are.

Powerful support: Social events

Some of the best learning and camaraderie occurs at our social events. Jim’s Mowing Franchisees are family. We go for beers together, have BBQs in the summer, get together for pub nights and just enjoy each other’s company. There’s a reason we have Franchisees who have been with us for over 15 years, we’re a family that supports each other. Jim’s Mowing is really all about working for yourself, not by yourself.

How does the Jim's System work for Franchisees?

All Jim’s Mowing advertising includes the Jim’s 310-5467 phone number and all incoming calls are directed to the Vancouver Call Centre. Operators at the Call Centre use our Computer System to allocate new work to Franchisees based on the schedule they would like to work and the work they would like to do.

Lead Generation and Job Allocation

Jim’s Mowing’s extensive advertising generates more leads than our Franchisees can handle. This is work you could be getting paid for today! Enquiries are fielded by expert staff in our Vancouver Call Centre who pass enquiries on to Franchisees. You simply nominate where and when you would like to take work and the Call Centre will send you an equal share of those leads too. This gives you total control over where and when you work.

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