What’s it like being a Jim? A Day in the Life:

Jim’s Mowing Franchisees purchase their territories and operate their businesses within minutes of their homes. No traffic, no bridges, no stress. Franchisees start their days, and end their days, when they like. And they spend time in between doing all the jobs they love, and none of the jobs they don’t. 

What about the weather?

We work our schedules around the weather, and we almost never work in the heavy rain because it slows us down too much and that affects profitability. What about the winter? The 2 worse months of the year, January and February, we’re off, and we love it!  Why? because we made way more than enough money to support our winter months off. Don’t like sitting around or the winter heat in Mexico? (are you kidding!?) Well, ok then, take on ice and snow contracts and supplement your income even more.