How much can I earn?

Jim’s Mowing Franchisees in Canada earn between $150,000 and $500,000 per year in gross revenue. We have more than enough business for double the Franchisees we have now:  in 2018 we turned away almost half of our customers (over 1,400 customers) because we didn’t have enough Franchisees. New Franchisees can take as much work as they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. As long as our customers are well serviced, you can build the business of your dreams.

Strong Earning Potential

Jim’s Franchisees earn more than independent mowing contractors. This is because each Jim’s Mowing Franchisee enjoys:

  • A tried and tested franchise system which has been in existence since 1989.
  • Assignment to a regional Franchisor who performs an ongoing coaching and support role.
  • A full-time Call Centre which consistently supplies them new jobs

Set your own Prices!

At Jim’s Mowing we believe in fair pricing for outstanding work and great service. Our Franchisees are always expected to price fairly, but because of our quality and service, ongoing training, insurance and WCB costs, and because we always pay our employees fair living wages, we are not usually the lowest-cost provider. Our goal is to always provide the best value to our customers, not the lowest prices. Our customers know they are getting the best value for their money, and that’s why we have serviced over 50,000 customers in the past 22 years in BC alone.