Your 8 Steps to Success

Are you thinking that a Jim’s Mowing Franchise might be for you? Finally living your best life is not as complicated as you may think!

Step 1  Request an InfoPack 

Request an infopack. Review the website and infopack, Google us, find out all you can, and prepare your questions! 

Step 2  Schedule a Call

Schedule an introduction call. Get up-front straight answers to your questions.

Step 3  Book a Ride Along

Spend the Day with a Jim, get your hands dirty, ask questions and learn all you can. We think you’re really going to love it…just as much as we do! 

Step 4 Disclosure Package

Once your ride-along is completed, request a disclosure package. This package contains all the documents you will need to sign, financial disclosures on the Franchisors, the manuals and the phone numbers of all the Franchisees past and present. Your 14-Day cooling off period begins now.

Step 5 Due Diligence 

Use your 14-Day cooling off period to take the disclosure package to your accountant, business advisor and lawyer for advice, and call as many of our Franchisees as you wish and ask questions concerning their experience as a Jim’s Mowing Franchisee. If you’re ready to go after your cooling off period book your training in Melbourne!

Step 6 Book your 6-day training in Melbourne

That’s correct, you can take our entire 6-day training course before buying a franchise and learn everything we know about running a landscape maintenance business without purchasing a franchise, for free (you only pay for flights, meals and accommodation on campus). That’s how confident we are that once you’ve completed training, you’ll be convinced that buying a Jim’s Mowing Franchise is definitely the right way to go. 

Step 7 Sign your document package and make payment 

Now that you know everything we do, you’ve spoken to all our Franchisees and they’ve confirmed that this is not “too good to be true”, you’re ready to sign your Franchise agreement and start your 10 days of field training in Vancouver, BC. 

Step 8 Complete your 10-Day training in Vancouver

Spend 10 days with us learning the tools, how to quote and perform the work profitably, productively and cost effectively. This is also when we will be supplying you with the software and training to run your business like a well-oiled machine. We’ll have you booking jobs, invoicing and collecting payments with confidence in no time!